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When I scroll through Instagram, I'm always intrigued by where companies (and individuals) place their hashtags. Do they place them right under the description, drop them down a little, or place them in a separate comment? It varies and there's really no right or wrong way but there are some cool reasons for choosing how best to show off your beautiful images and maximise your hashtag usage! Let's take a look...

Flat design of modern smartphone with The power of hashtags text

Here we have a short but sweet description that makes good use of the three lines of copy that Instagram allows before the “more” alert. But, you’ll also notice two periods over on the left hand side of the photo.

And here we see why! 

The description stands alone and is separated by dropping the hashtags down below the fold.  Great choice! The result is a nice clean image and description with the hashtags nowhere to be seen until you scroll down.  With numerous hashtags, you don’t want them to overwhelm the description and the perfect description can lose its message when swallowed up by a sea of blue.

There is an added bonus to dropping hashtags down below the fold but keeping them with the description. Every Instagram account loves to see their photos being re-posted or re-grammed. It's SM etiquette to request permission but large and small companies/corporations are banking on as many re-posts as possible. 

Go with a re-posting app that captures the description so you can paste it into the repost.  Having the hashtags in the description area ensures they will also be captured!  Post them in a separate comment and they will need adding manually/individually (or stored if convenient and then c/p).  Not everyone will take the time to add the hashtags manually. They might repost, but without the hashtags it's a wasted effort. Something to think about.

Another benefit of keeping your hashtags with your description is that you can edit the description at any time and add (or delete) hashtags. Don't delay, as any edits to a description do not refresh the post.

Here, the description is a stand alone and there are no periods. 

Hashtag Post 4


The hashtags are all grouped in the first comment. No problem at all. Just remember to post the comment as soon as possible after posting the image.

Separating the hashtags completely from the description is useful if you share from Instagram to, say, your Facebook Page. Since hashtags are used sparingly on Facebook, you can just share your image and the original description. Once it's up on your Facebook page, you can go into the post via the Pages Manager app and make any little tweaks. (Always double check any tags.) 

If you're hoping for a re-gram and also want to share to Facebook, I'd go with the first option with the hashtags dropped down. It's easy to delete hashtags after re-posting or sharing.

A quick word about the timing of a re-post. Since Instagram "feeds" off hashtags and many of its followers do their viewing based on hashtag preferences, you don't want any re-post to follow right on the heels of the original post. Let it drop down through the hashtag feed and then re-post. Re-posts are treated as brand new posts on Instagram so leaving some time in between guarantees the re-post will be fresh and new. If it's not overly time sensitive, leaving it a few hours won't do any harm.


My thanks to Gretta Luxe for their kind permission to feature screenshots of their posts. Gretta Luxe is a designer women’s boutique based in Wellesley, MA, and owned by Fashion & Beauty expert Gretta Monahan.  You can follow the Gretta Luxe Instagram Feed here